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SAC Developer 200 Group ILT Path

SAC Developer 200 Group ILT Path

The SAC Developer 200 Group ILT Path is designed to cover topics and ideas that you may not have even known were an option in SAC. It’s where students will explore adding additional functionality to stories and presenting data to different audiences.

This learning path will teach learners how to maintain a model and give an overview of security and other admin functions. Within this learning Path students will learn about Currency Conversion in SAC at the model level as well as within stories. Students will then learn about the different types of calculations available within SAC. Finally, learners will learn how to take advantage of an advanced filtering option called Linked Analysis, the various smart features within SAC, and the Digital Boardroom functionality.

This learning path is a great way to breathe new life into your SAC tenant and deployment by taking what users already know and showing them what they might not have known was even possible in SAC!

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Learning Path Details

  • Digital Content in eLearning Format


    Developer 100

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    On-site or virtually

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    3 Days

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    Minimum 3 Seats

Learning Path Overview & Included Modules

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Model Administration

In this module you will learn about how to maintain a model. This includes understanding the many different settings a model has, an overview of security, how to export model data, and more. You've already created a model, but now you need to understand how to administer it.

Currency Conversion

Many organizations are global and need to report and plan in different currencies. This module provides an overview of Currency Conversion functionality within SAP Analytics Cloud, including how to build an exchange rate table and view different currencies in a story.

Calculations: Part 1

This module introduces you to calculations within SAP Analytics Cloud. Calculations are an important part of model and story building. This module covers Model-Based calculations and Calculated Measures within stories.

Calculations: Part 2

This module continues from the first Calculations module by diving deep into Story-Based Calculations. You will learn about Calculated Dimensions and Cross Calculations in detail.

Linked Anaysis and Smart Features

You will learn how to use the Digital Boardroom to create interactive boardroom presentations that provide dynamic and real-time data to assist in making fact-based business decisions.

Digital Boardroom

This module will teach you the importance of maintaining data integrity when creating and using an input table. Then you'll learn how to create filters to ensure the integrity of your input table. As you manually enter data into the table, you will also investigate how data can be disaggregated through the hierarchy.

Disaggregation can also be accomplished by utilizing the Planning panel, which you will learn about. This module will also teach you about Value Driver Trees and the role they play in strategic planning. Finally, you'll create your own allocation process to run on your planning table.

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