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Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Welcome to the SAP Explorer on Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud. This Explorer will provide you with the necessary details that will be needed in order to start creating analytic and planning models in SAP Analytics Cloud. Our instructor will teach you the steps and best practices required to develop and work with dimensions, attributes, and hierarchies.

Within this SAP Explorer, you will find detailed and interactive lesson content, instructor-led videos, final exam, as well as downloadable datasets to follow along with our instructor and practice independently.

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Explorer Details

  • Expert-Led

  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Video Based Instruction

  • Course Completion Award

    Lifetime Access

  • Dataset Downloads

  • Hands-On Exercises

  • Final Exam

Explorer Content

Collapsible content

Unit 1: Models

  • Introduction to Models
  • Model Types and Layouts
  • Model Navigation
  • Model Preferences and Security

Unit 2: Dimensions

  • Introduction to Dimensions
  • Dimensions vs. Measures
  • Master Data
  • Dimension Types in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Public vs. Private Dimensions

Unit 3: Attributes

  • Introduction to Attributes
  • Attribute Application

Unit 4: Hierarchies

  • Introduction to Hierarchies
  • Types of Hierarchies
  • Hierarchy Application

Unit 5: Creating a Model

  • Creating a Model
  • Adding Measures to Models
  • Adding Dimensions to Models
  • Creating Attributes
  • Adding Hierarchies

Unit 6: Data Import

  • Introduction to Data Management
  • Importing Master Data
  • Importing Transactional Data

Final Quiz

Test your understanding of what you have learned and earn your certificate of completion with the final exam.

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