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SAC Add-in for Microsoft Office Group ILT Path

SAC Add-in for Microsoft Office Group ILT Path

Do you find that people just love using Microsoft Excel even when other tools are implemented?  If you didn't know, there is a SAP Analytics Cloud Add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to use the models built within SAC, but access them directly in Excel! 

This add-in allows for report building as well as planning all in the comfort of Excel, even though the data itself is being pulled from the models in SAC. 

The course covers how to build tables for analysis in Excel as well as how to conduct planning and functions directly within tables as well.

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Learning Path Details

  • Digital Content in eLearning Format


    SAC Foundations or End User

  • Persona

    End User

  • Course Completion Award



  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Delivery Method

    On-site or virtually

  • Calendar


    1 Day

  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Class Size

    Minimum 3 Seats

Learning Path Overview & Included Modules

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Getting Started with the SAC Add-in

In this module, you will learn how to activate the SAC Add-in for Microsoft Excel. You will also learn how to log in to SAC from Microsoft Excel.

Analyzing Data with the SAC Add-in

This module covers the primary functions and actions you will take while using the SAC Add-in. You will learn how to add, modify, filter, sort and rank data in Excel. Additionally, you will use formatting and prompts to work with your table of data.

Planning and SAC Functions

In this module, you will learn how to execute planning functions as well as how to use SAC functions using the SAC Add-in for Microsoft Office.

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