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SAC Developer 300 eLearning Path

SAC Developer 300 eLearning Path

The SAC Developer 300 Group eLearning Path is our most advanced learning path It starts off by introducing you to the concept of blending multiple data sources together. This includes bringing multiple data sources into a single model, but also bringing multiple models into a single story.

You will then learn how to take advantage of more advanced predictive capabilities in SAC. Additionally, you will learn about Data Actions, which are a type of planning function that can be executed with the click of a button once developed.

Finally, you will explore the Analytics Designer, which allows for the building of reports and dashboards with a greater degree of customization beyond what is found in standard stories.

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eLearning Path Details

  • Digital Content in eLearning Format

    Suggested Prerequisites

    Developer 200

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  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Delivery Method

    Self-Paced eLearning

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    Estimated Length

    8 Hours

  • Included SAC eLearning Modules

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Included eLearning Modules

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In this module, you will learn about the concept of blending data within SAP Analytics Cloud. Blending is a modeling technique that allows you as a developer to use data from different data sources in the same model or in the same story. This course will cover how to blend data in a model, in a story, and also how to use calculations based on blended data.

Smart Predict

This module will teach you how to utilize advanced predictive capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud. This will involve understanding multiple types of predictive scenarios and how to build them. It will also include how to incorporate a prediction into a story.

Data Actions

In this module you will understand what Data Actions are, and how they can be incredibly useful in planning scenarios to move and calculate data. You will learn how to create Data Actions in two methods - Visual and Scripting. Additionally, you will learn about incorporating Allocations into Data Actions. You will also learn about some additional calculations that are regularly used in Data Actions.

Analytics Designer

This module introduces you to the Analytics Designer function within SAP Analytics Cloud. This is an advanced functionality that allows for a greater degree of customization of reports and dashboards beyond what is found in stories.

Additionally, within this module you will learn how to create an Analytics Application from scratch. You will gain more experience adding objects and using scripting functionality.

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