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SAC Bootcamp | Analytics Designer

SAC Bootcamp | Analytics Designer

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The SAC Analytics Designer Bootcamp is the perfect way to get your team members confident in their skills creating flexible and high performing apps in SAP Analytics Cloud.  In this multi-day hands-on bootcamp, students will have the opportunity to create a custom masterdata application that will allow users to see and create new masterdata for any dimension in a model, as well as send e-mail notifications when completed.

Throughout this course, students will be introduced to various concepts and techniques used in app design and will be able to create a variety of elements for the master data application, including panels, buttons, pop-ups, custom functions, variables, and notifications.

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Bootcamp Training Dates
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Bootcamp Details

  • Digital Content in eLearning Format

    Ideal Prerequisites

    Basic scripting background

  • Course Completion Award


    Intermediate to Advanced

  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Delivery Method


  • Calendar


    3 Days

  • Class Size

    Maximum of 10

  • Materials Access

    1 Year

Bootcamp Agenda & Modules

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Day 1: Overview of Analytic Applications

  • Introduction to various concepts used in App design

  • Class Roadmap of Custom Application to be Built

Day 1: Application Canvas Design

  • Building Panels

  • Building Tab-Strips

  • Adding Standard Widget to Canvas

  • Building Buttons for Multi-Step Actions

  • Configuring Tables for Visualization

Day 1: Building Pop-Ups

  • Building Pop-Ups

  • Adding Widget/Objects to Pop-Up

  • Customize Layout and Buttons within a Pop-Up

  • Coding Pop-Up to Open and Close

Day 2: Script Objects (Custom Functions)

  • Script Object Element Overview

  • Build Script Objects to Populate a Pop-Up

  • Populate Different Elements of Script Object

Day 2: Script Variables (Global Variables)

  • Script Variable Overview

  • Customize the popup

  • Build the Add Members Function

Day 3: Linking and Passing Parameters

  • Navigation Utility

  • Find Story ID, Page ID, and Model ID using the console log

  • Build Code to Pass Dimension ID as Story Filter

Day 3: Application Design Improvements

  • Adding inline comments

  • Using the console.log() to show hidden data

  • Add annotation and other user-interface messages

  • Send Notifications and E-mails using a Function

  • Using Styling and CSS