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SAC Bootcamp | Modeling

SAC Bootcamp | Modeling

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SAP Analytics Cloud Modeling Bootcamp will prepare you to becoming a modeling expert in SAP Analytics Cloud. During this 2.5 day hands-on training, students will start off by fully understanding the foundations of modeling, key concepts and terminology, as well as the modeling process and best practices.  From there, students will learn about all aspects of data modeling, including; configuring model settings, data import, currency conversion, security, tenant migration and much more!

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Bootcamp Training Dates
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Bootcamp Details

  • Digital Content in eLearning Format

    Ideal Prerequisites

    Foundations of SAC

  • Course Completion Award


    Intermediate to Advanced

  • Instructor Delivering Virtual Training

    Delivery Method


  • Length

    2 Days + Capstone Project

  • Class Size

    Maximum of 10

  • Materials Access

    1 Year

Bootcamp Agenda & Modules

Collapsible content

Day 1: SAC Modeling Overview

In this module, learners will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of modeling and the components of the modeling process.


  • Model Types
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Preparing Your Data
  • Using Hierarchies
  • Model Calculations

Day 1: Building a Model

In this module, learners will have the opportunity to learn how to build a model starting from scratch, or from a variety of data sources. This will cover both using acquired models, live data connections.


  • Building a Model from Scratch
  • Building a Model from a CSV or Excel File
  • Building a Model from Data Sources
  • Building a Table-Based Story to View Model Data

Day 2: Model Management

In this module, learners will have the opportunity to configure their model settings, learn about importing and exporting data, enabling currency in models, and changing model structure.


  • Setting Up Model Preferences
  • Maintaining Model Data Imports
  • Exporting Model Data
  • Copying, Rebuilding, and Deleting Models
  • Currency Conversion

Day 2: Additional Model Considerations

In this module, learners will explore additional functionality that is important for modelers to understand, including security.


  • Date Dimension Settings
  • Security Controls
  • Impact of Changing Model Structure
  • Tenant Migration
  • Using the Calendar Feature

Day 3: Capstone Project

This bootcamp will include a final capstone project that will need to be completed. With a capstone project, you will be able to apply what you have learned in a real-world business scenario.